Book review policy

I am currently accepting books for review, although I will be choosing carefully.
How I rate books:
I have a Goodreads account, so I like to use the 5-star rating system. Although, I do like to add half stars to a rating if it’s landed somewhere in between two stars.
Here if a general guide on what each star means:
1 star: I didn’t like this book at all and have nothing good to say about the plot/characters/writing.
2 stars: I didn’t like the book overall because the plot, characters and writing didn’t appeal to me but perhaps have one good thing to say about it.
3 stars: I enjoyed this book and the plot, characters were appealing and the writing was good.
4 stars: I thoroughly enjoyed this book, admired the writing style and loved the plot and characters.
5 stars: OUTSTANDING! I loved everything about this book: the plot, characters and writing amazed me.
I only make video reviews on books that I enjoyed, i.e. rated 3, 4 or 5 stars. I prefer to do this as videos take a lot of effort to create and I prefer to spend my time creating videos about things that I enjoy. If I feel that I need to review a book I didn’t enjoy, I will do so on this blog. However, it’s not often I read books I don’t enjoy because life’s too short to be reading sucky books.

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